Project Manager/Principal Engineer

Dr. Thoreson has more than 20 years of professional experience in water resources and irrigation engineering both in the western United States and overseas. Dr. Thoreson specializes in water flow measurement and uncertainty analyses and data management, including database development for water balances, water right analysis, crop water use, land use analysis, and reservoir operations. Dr. Thoreson has worked extensively using Access and Oracle databases to store time series data for assembling and computing water balances. Dr. Thoreson has played a major role in developing water balances and quantifying water conserved by various conservation practices for irrigation and water districts in the Sacramento, San Joaquin and Imperial Valleys of California and elsewhere. These water balances have ranged from the field to basin scale and included analysis and formulation of conjunctive management strategies. Dr. Thoreson has authored more than 40 papers focusing on data management for irrigation water resources planning and management and on analysis of crop ET developed from remote sensing (SEBAL®) techniques.

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