Project Manager/Principal Engineer

Mr. Clark possesses extensive experience in agricultural water management and irrigation engineering in the West. He has conducted projects focusing on farm water management, quantification of consumptive and non-consumptive water use in agriculture and natural ecosystems, estimation of water demands, water balance analysis, irrigation scheduling and irrigator training, soil salinity and drainage investigations, feasibility investigations for management and infrastructure improvements, quantification of groundwater production, and water quality monitoring. He has also conducted multiple projects aimed at improvement of crop coefficients for estimation of crop water use (evapotranspiration) through remote sensing of the surface energy balance. In addition to being experienced as a water management planner, Mr. Clark has served as project manager and design engineer on construction projects aimed at modernizing and replacing irrigation infrastructure, including pipelines, canals, and water control structures. He has taken several projects from initial concept to implementation and has authored more than 20 papers and conference proceedings.

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