Field Services



Reliable monitoring and insightful interpretation of environmental data is foundational to water resource management: establishing historical baselines, identifying trends, designing and implementing adaptive management programs and developing numerical models. 

Davids Engineering uses state-of-the-art water measurement and environmental monitoring technology to collect reliable, meaningful data custom tailored to address specific water management issues. We are dedicated to helping irrigation water suppliers other water resource managers strengthen their water management capabilities through improved water measurement, environmental monitoring and data management. The result is cost-effective, unbiased and accurate data that can be trusted.

Flow Measurement

Accurate, continuous stream flow records provide basic information for hydrologic investigations. We have helped dozens of water managers quantify flows in a variety of settings ranging from California’s largest river, the Sacramento, to small open irrigation and drainage channels, to gravity and pressurized pipelines. We employ the highest technical standards in the use of our state-of-the-art arsenal of flow measurement equipment, including:

• SonTek FlowTracker ADV
• SonTek RiverSurveyor M9 ADCP
• Prosonic 92T Transit Time Flow Meter
• Onset Water Level Sensors

Water Quality

Water’s physical, chemical and biological characteristics provide valuable information for understanding hydrologic systems. Often, coupling these data with equilibrium speciation models, such as EQ3, can help answer questions that cannot be addressed in any other manner. Davids Engineering has the equipment, knowledge and experience to collect and interpret water quality data in a cost-effective manner.


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, or SCADA, has rapidly become an invaluable water management tool by providing cost-effective, real time access to field data. SCADA enhances water management by enabling more timely decisions, reducing labor and travel costs and improving data quality. Our professional staff has decades of data management experience and are trained in programming of Remote Terminal Units (RTU’s), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) and the development of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s).

Mapping and Facility Inventories

Inventorying existing facilities is often the first step in system modernization and capital improvement planning. Davids Engineering offers services for facilities mapping, infrastructure inspections, as-built survey preparations, bathymetric surveys and more.

Groundwater Monitoring

Integrated management of groundwater and surface water supplies is essential to long term water supply reliability and ecosystem health. Regular measurements over time of groundwater levels are the foundation of many types of groundwater analyses, including (1) evaluating long term trends and changes in aquifer storage (2) developing and calibrating numerical groundwater flow models, (3) performing water balance analyses and (4) designing, implementing, and monitoring the effectiveness of groundwater management and protection programs. We have designed numerous cost effective groundwater level monitoring programs.

Aquifer Performance Testing

The ability of a geologic unit to transmit water under saturated conditions is an important hydraulic parameter. The saturated hydraulic conductivity (K) of a geologic formation is a function of several variables; K can vary over several orders of magnitude and often exhibits high spatial variability. In addition to understanding how readily an aquifer transmits water, it is important to characterize the aquifer’s ability to store and release water under dynamic conditions; this is quantified by the storage coefficient. We have the equipment, knowledge and experience to meet your aquifer testing needs in a cost-effective manner.

Tracer Analysis

Tracer studies are often used to help characterize groundwater-surface water interactions at small spatial scales. Tracers can be divided into two categories: natural and anthropogenic tracers. Natural tracers include water temperature, stable and radioactive isotopes, chloride and other dissolved constituents. Anthropogenic tracers include various fluorescent dyes and salts that are introduced into the hydrologic cycle. Davids Engineering can design and implement tracer analyses, and interpret results.