In 1993 Bill Clinton was president, Jurassic Park had just come out in the theaters,
and California was pulling out of a 6-year drought.

That same year a small firm in Northern California was incorporated as Davids Engineering. From the beginning its roots have been grounded in agricultural water management. The Firm continues to provide innovative and practical engineering and scientific services to the managers of western water, whether they are public agencies, private landowners, or non-governmental organizations. From its initial focus on water management planning, Davids Engineering has gradually

Davids Engineering is dedicated to
the idea that agricultural
sustainability is best achieved through the
dual goals of enhancing the productivity
and profitability of agricultural enterprises
and improving
environmental stewardship.

— Grant Davids, Founder & President

broadened its technical capabilities to encompass field services and data management, facilities design and construction
management, and remote sensing and GIS services. With
offices in Davis and Chico, California, the Firm has completed
approximately 400 projects for nearly 180 clients in California,
other western states, and overseas.

More recently, founder and president, Grant Davids has gradually
been handing off firm operations to partners Bryan Thoreson (21
years) and Byron Clark (12 years). Bryan now handles day-to-day
firm operations while continuing to manage projects, and Byron
takes on an increasing project management role while maintaining
close involvement in a range of technical tasks. Grant remains
involved as a senior consultant while also pursuing interests and
activities outside of Davids Engineering. Other staff members continue to grow into technical specialties and project management roles with increasing responsibility.

As Davids Engineering turns 25 this year we continue to recognize that we owe our success to our talented team and loyal clients. We are proud of our commitment to serve managers of western water and look forward to many more years of supporting the important work they do. We thank our clients for the privilege of service over the past 25 years and we look forward to continued service for the next 25 years and beyond.