President/Principal Engineer

Mr. Davids has more than 35 years of agricultural and irrigation engineering experience in California, several other western states and overseas. For the past 25 years, his work has concentrated on assisting irrigation water suppliers and the irrigators they serve to strengthen their water management capacity through irrigation modernization, water conservation and environmental stewardship initiatives.

Technical aspects involved with this work include water conservation planning and verification; facilities design and modernization; review and improvement of operation and maintenance programs; modeling and analysis of agricultural water systems from field scale to basin scale; formulation of conjunctive water management programs; assessing impacts of changing economic and regulatory conditions on agricultural water management; and assessing irrigation efficiency.

Mr. Davids is intimately familiar with the wide range of inter-related technical, institutional, legal and economic factors influencing agricultural water availability, use and management, with project experience in the Sacramento, San Joaquin, Shasta and Imperial Valleys of California and elsewhere.

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