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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, or SCADA, has rapidly become an invaluable water management tool. SCADA measurement and control enhances water management by enabling more timely decisions, reducing labor and travel costs, improving data quality, and protecting valuable infrastructure. We know that a SCADA and control system is only one part of successful water management, and optimal benefits from SCADA will not be recognized without comprehensive advanced facilities planning and design and tailored operational processes. Davids Engineering’s investment in related water management service areas provide us the unique perspective and skills to ensure you receive the best long-terms solutions and support.

Davids Engineering’s SCADA services include:
We have field engineers ready to support our clients out of our Davis and Chico offices. We also offer training and coaching to our clients, whether they want to learn to navigate a new system or gain independence programming and integrating their own sites.
Davids Engineering works with a wide variety of canal automation products, from gate-controller packages with built-in level and flow control to custom PLC programming of site hardware. We understand the importance of moving water quickly and steadily down a system. We offer a range of algorithms, from the simplest, easy-to-tune controls to complex predictive and responsive channel control.
Davids Engineering offers a variety of pump testing, automation, and controls based on our clients’ needs. We perform water-to-wire testing and efficiency-based pump automation as well as start and stop level sequencing, remote tank pump control, and downstream level and flow control. Our designs provide responsive, robust controls, minimize pump wear and maintenance, and reduce power costs.
Davids Engineering offers custom RTU design using state-of-the-art, industry standard equipment. We also provide fabrication and installation services, or partner with fabrication shops, to ensure the most cost-effective solution for projects of any scale. Our RTUs are built to last under extreme weather conditions and include safeguards against vandalism.
Our telemetry systems must be able to perform across a wide range of scales and terrains. We provide both cellular and radio system surveying and design, providing detailed cost and performance recommendations to our clients so they can choose the communications backbone that will best support their needs.
Davids Engineering offers a range of HMI products including on-site servers, cloud-SCADA, mobile apps, and custom screens. We provide tailored solutions using both in-house and industry standard software, allowing for user-friendly, operator-focused solutions.
Our SCADA systems range from simple trough-water tank controls or flow monitoring all the way through water districts with over 80 sites and complex canal control algorithms. Davids Engineering is committed to providing efficient, flexible, open-source, industry standard solutions to our clients and building systems that will carry them many decades into the future.

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