Project Engineer

Mr. Ostrowski has served as project engineer on a variety of facilities modernization, water conveyance, water management, and irrigation efficiency projects since joining Davids Engineering in July 2010. Mr. Ostrowski has contributed to the design of gravity pressure and mechanically pressurized conveyance pipelines at the feasibility and final design stages. He has prepared feasibility and preliminary-design level modernization and improvement design summaries and construction cost estimates for various types of projects for both large and small irrigation districts. Mr. Ostrowski has completed alternatives analysis for the identification and prioritization of infrastructure improvements to assist districts in their modernization and water management goals. He has developed design plans using AutoCAD software and digitization of surface features using aerial imagery and ArcGIS. He has prepared digital elevation profiles using LIDAR data and AutoCAD scripts. Mr. Ostrowski has also performed various construction management duties, including resident engineer, construction inspector, and assistant construction manager.

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