Data Management and Modeling

Serving stewards of western water since 1993.

Increasingly, water stewards throughout the west are being required to collect and report water information to regulatory and quasi-regulatory agencies, reflecting increasing public demand for transparency in how water supplies are used. This data must be collected, reviewed for accuracy, stored, analyzed, and incorporated in various reports.

Davids Engineering works closely with water stewards to develop water information systems that perform these functions reliably and cost-effectively. We have designed and implemented a range of water information systems suited to the needs of our clients, from small and simple systems that incorporate manual data collection and spreadsheet-based data management and reporting, to large and complex systems capable of managing hundreds of remotely monitored sites with Oracle-based automated quality control and reporting procedures.

Once data is effectively managed, Davids Engineering helps water stewards to maximize the utility of their data through modeling and analysis. Davids Engineering has expertise in modeling all land surface processes, from surface water and conveyance system flows to crop water use and other water exchanges through the root zone. Davids Engineering applies proprietary and public-domain numerical models to simulate the processes of irrigation and drainage at scales ranging from individual fields to entire irrigation districts or regions. In particular, Davids Engineering has developed methods to incorporate low-cost satellite imagery analysis into spatially-distributed water balance models to develop time series data of irrigation demands and return flows to support the management of surface water and groundwater supplies. Our modeling approach is customized to our clients’ needs, following industry-standard best practices.

Our data management activities typically include one or more of the following:

Data Management and Modeling Projects

Time Series Evapotranspiration and Applied Water Estimates from Remote Sensing

Customer Delivery Measurement Data Collection and Accounting (RemoteTracker Implementation)

SGMA Technical Support Services and Prop 1 Stressed Basin Grant Project

Efficiency Conservation Definite Plan and Conservation Program