Project Engineer

Mr. Ertis has provided water management, flow measurement, and environmental data acquisition services for a variety of clients and in a variety of settings since joining Davids Engineering in May 2012. Prior to beginning with Davids Engineering, he completed an internship with Engineering Ministries International following the completion of his undergraduate studies at UC Davis, which included upper division civil engineering coursework in water resources engineering, water quality management, and groundwater systems design. He has provided services involving flow measurement and environmental data acquisition in various locations throughout California. Mr. Ertis has also assisted with the development of flow measurement plans and the design of related infrastructure improvements for agricultural water providers. He has experience processing spatial datasets and digitizing surface features using aerial imagery and ArcGIS. Mr. Ertis has also assisted in the development of innovative flow measurement technologies with the goal of providing increased efficiency and accuracy in the collection of farm gate delivery data.

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