Water Resources Engineer

Dr. Davids has provided flow measurement and environmental data acquisition services to water management and governmental entities in California since graduating from California Polytechnic State University.

Dr. Davids has utilized various technologies to accurately quantify flows in a variety of settings including natural streams and rivers, open-channel agricultural conveyance systems and pipelines over a broad range of materials and sizes. Dr. Davids has experience performing hydrologic and hydrogeologic field measurements used to characterize groundwater and its interaction with adjacent surface water bodies. Dr. Davids has managed the design, installation, calibration and maintenance of several large flow measurement and data acquisition networks. Dr. Davids obtained a Master’s Degree in Hydrogeology with an emphasis on characterization of groundwater-surface water interactions. Dr. Davids thesis concentrated on the nexus between stream restoration and aquifer recovery, with a specific focus on stream-aquifer interactions within the Shasta Valley, California. Dr. Davids received his Doctorate from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. His dissertation focused on mobilizing young researchers, citizen scientists, and mobile technology to close water data gaps.

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