DE Summer Outing: A visit to Bondolio Olive Farm

This past weekend (7/23), the Davids Engineering team visited the Bondolio Olive Farm located in Winters, CA for our summer social. The owners, Karen and Malcom Bond, graciously gave us a tour of their farm while telling us the history of their unique olive trees that are native to Sicily. They are only farmers in California with this specific variety of olive trees. These trees produce a uniquely flavored olive that is a key component to their award-winning olive oil.

During the tour, we visited their olive pressing facility, learned about their pressing equipment (imported specially from Italy!) and watched an interesting presentation that shared the unique way they process their olive oil. Bondolio oil contains all hand harvested olives, and they process, cold press the oil and bottle the oil all there on the farm. Their goal is to have olives off the tree and to processing in 90 minutes! Bondolio Farms has a beautiful tasting room where we learned the art of olive oil tasting. We tried different olive oils paired with mozzarella, tomatoes and bread – it was fantastic! The group finished the day on the farm’s beautiful patio with games and delicious homemade pizzas in the Bond’s beautiful pizza oven.

A big thank you to Bondolio Olive Farm and the Bonds for hosting a great day!