Davids Engineering – Pioneering Over 25 Years of Professional and Scientific Services

Since 1993, Davids Engineering, Inc. has provided professional engineering and scientific services to public agencies, private entities and individual landowners responsible for managing water resources in the western United States. 

Founded on a commitment to the highest standards of professional integrity and intellectual honesty, Davids Engineering has successfully completed projects in Arizona, California, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon and Washington and in a handful of developing nations.

From its initial focus on agricultural water management, the firm has gradually broadened its technical capabilities to encompass field services and data management, facility design and construction and remote sensing and GIS services. Most of the projects completed by Davids Engineering involve the application of a blend of these capabilities to help clients better manage surface water and groundwater resources for increased agricultural productivity and environmental enhancement. Davids Engineering is proud of the fact that the large majority of its opportunities to provide services comes by word-of-mouth or through repeat work for past clients.

Davids Engineering believes that sustainable irrigated agricultural systems in the western U.S. and worldwide are critically important for meeting ever-growing human needs for food, clothing and shelter. We are dedicated to the idea that agricultural sustainability is best achieved through the dual goals of enhancing the productivity and profitability of agricultural enterprise and improving environmental stewardship. The professionals at Davids Engineering all have ties to agriculture, from growing up on family farms to earning agricultural engineering degrees. We have experienced firsthand the challenges confronting irrigated agriculture as western states continue to grow, competition for limited water supplies increases, and public values change. We are committed to helping agricultural water suppliers and farmers address those challenges in a strategic, positive manner by seeking appropriate, responsible balances between commercial agricultural enterprise and environmental stewardship.