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Agricultural Water Management

Environmental Water Stewardship

Sustainable Groundwater Management

Agricultural water management encompasses all aspects of irrigation and drainage engineering, soil and water conservation, and watershed management. Improving agricultural water management plays a central role in maximizing agricultural production from limited water supplies while achieving economic and environmental sustainability.

Boundary Outflow Measurements

Oakdale Irrigation District Agricultural Water Management Plan

At Davids Engineering we are dedicated to the idea that agricultural sustainability is best achieved through the dual goals of (1) enhancing the productivity and profitability of agricultural enterprise and (2) improving environmental stewardship. We have experienced firsthand the challenges confronting irrigated agriculture as western states continue to grow, competition for limited water supplies increases, and public values change. We are committed to helping agricultural water suppliers and farmers address those challenges in a strategic, positive manner by seeking appropriate, responsible balances between commercial agricultural enterprise and environmental stewardship.

Mill Creek Flow Measurement Improvements

Kettle Spring Improvement Project

Since its founding, Davids Engineering has become a leader in characterizing the relationship between land use, water use, and surface water processes. Understanding this relationship is at the core of understanding the impacts of all water users on the groundwater system, and in understanding how best to approach sustainable groundwater management.

Groundwater management efforts have long been a priority for the many water users and agencies that Davids Engineering serves. The passage of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) in 2014 has further heightened this focus statewide, as agencies must work toward achieving long-term groundwater sustainability.

Davids Engineering’s expert insights into the surface water system, together with our extensive project experience across California, have uniquely positioned us to respond to the many demands of sustainable groundwater management that are faced by water users and agencies in their response to SGMA.

Colusa Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan Revisions

Madera Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan Revisions 

Infrastructure Solutions

Water infrastructure that can be operated and maintained efficiently and effectively is a foundational requirement for good water management. Davids Engineering provides a broad range of engineering services to support the planning, design, and construction of facilities for irrigation and drainage at scales ranging from individual fields to entire irrigation districts. Our focus is on developing the best facility to meet a given need in a manner that provides high-quality operations in a practical and cost-effective manner.

Moore Siphon Replacement Project

Hart Ranch On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency Improvements

The design and construction management team at Davids Engineering strives to bring concepts and plans to life. From the humble beginnings of an idea, our team works hard to understand our Clients’ objectives and constraints to develop a solutions-oriented design approach. We are skilled at providing planning-level design services that allow investigation and identification of: design criteria, evaluation and incorporation of economic analyses, stakeholder priorities and preferences, and the ranking of similar alternative solutions.

Our experience shows that a thorough planning effort is a critical first step. With a preferred solution established, we are accomplished in leading stakeholder-driven, phased design processes that result in bid-ready construction documents that are not only technically robust, but also meet the original objectives within the constraints. Our focus is on developing practical, high-quality design solutions that can be implemented and maintained in a cost-effective manner.

Kettle Spring Improvement Project

Antelope Creek Fish Passage Improvement Project

Modernization Planning

Design and Construction

Technology Solutions

Environmental Monitoring

GIS and Remote Sensing

Data Management and Modeling

Reliable monitoring and insightful interpretation of environmental data is foundational to water resource management. Davids Engineering provides environmental monitoring services customized to meet our clients’ needs for data collection and data analysis. Our data collection services range from individual measurements using our state-of-the-art arsenal of specialized equipment to design and implementation of complete permanent monitoring networks. We also offer various data analysis and application services that help our clients to interpret and use their data to its fullest potential, from establishing historical baselines and identifying trends, designing, and implementing adaptive management programs, and developing numerical models.

Sutter Mutual Water Company Modernization Support

Shasta Valley Groundwater Monitoring

Geographic information systems (GIS) add a spatial component to an expansive and diverse variety of datasets, allowing for evaluation of data over space (and often time, depending on the dataset). Remote sensing refers to data collection from a distance: monitoring conditions on the surface of the earth from a satellite or aircraft. The growing availability of remote sensing and GIS data and knowledge provides opportunities for increased understanding of agricultural and natural environments. Davids Engineering employs these datasets and various analysis techniques to increase understanding of spatial and temporal variability in water use and other characteristics of agricultural and natural resource systems.

Water Management Plan Compliance Mapping

Agricultural Development Feasibility Assessment

Increasingly, water stewards throughout the west are being required to collect and report water information to regulatory and quasi-regulatory agencies, reflecting increasing public demand for transparency in how water supplies are used. This data must be collected, reviewed for accuracy, stored, analyzed, and incorporated in various reports.

Davids Engineering works closely with water stewards to develop water information systems that perform these functions reliably and cost-effectively. We have designed and implemented a range of water information systems suited to the needs of our clients, from small and simple systems that incorporate manual data collection and spreadsheet-based data management and reporting, to large and complex systems capable of managing hundreds of remotely monitored sites with Oracle-based automated quality control and reporting procedures.

Time Series Evapotranspiration and Applied Water Estimates from Remote Sensing

Customer Delivery Measurement Data Collection and Accounting (RemoteTracker Implementation)

All Projects

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Tehama County Groundwater Sustainability Plan Implementation 

Colusa Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan Revisions

Madera Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan Revisions 

Chowchilla Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan Revisions

Moore Siphon Replacement Project

Dos Rios Ranch SB88 Compliance and Crop Planning Analysis