Tehama County Groundwater Sustainability Plan Implementation 

Client: Luhdorff & Scalmanini Consulting Engineers (LSCE; TCFCWCD is LSCE’s client)

Funder: DWR (SGMA Round 2 Prop 68 grant)

Location: Corning, Red Bluff, Antelope, and Los Molinos Subbasins (Glenn and Tehama Counties, CA)

Date: 2023-2026

As a key partner in the Luhdorff and Scalmanini Consulting Engineers (LSCE) team, Davids Engineering, Inc. (DE) is currently supporting the Tehama County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (TCFCWCD) and the Corning Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Agency (CSGSA) in their Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) implementation efforts. GSP implementation efforts are supported under Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) Implementation Round 2 grants awarded for the Red Bluff, Los Molinos, Antelope, and Corning Subbasins.

As part of these efforts from 2023-2026, DE is supporting:

• Developing and implementing a policy framework for demand management, and/or water and land use restrictions, and/or well permitting in the Corning Subbasin.

• Planning and implementing a synoptic stream gage study to evaluate interconnected surface water, including work plan development, data collection and field work, as well as data analysis, evaluation, and reporting.

• Planning and implementing various multi-benefit, direct, and in-lieu recharge projects across the Red Bluff and Corning Subbasins, including:
– Planning, design, and documentation related to feasibility studies and evaluations.
– Identifying potential recharge sites, in coordination with growers, landowners, and agencies.
– Identifying potential water supplies, recharge techniques, and recharge infrastructure, as appropriate.
– Creating design materials and documents for recharge infrastructure and site preparation.
– Supporting project permitting efforts and CEQA documentation, as appropriate.
– Developing implementation plans, monitoring and efficiency evaluation strategies, and related documentation.

• Creating and implementing a planning, design, and implementation study to facilitate regional water transfers to support enhanced use of available surface water for in-lieu recharge in the Corning Subbasin.

• Supporting SGMA reporting efforts, including GSP periodic evaluations and annual reports for the Red Bluff, Los Molinos, Antelope, Corning, and Bowman Subbasins (as applicable).

• Developing and updating a regional integrated surface water-groundwater model.

• Revising GSPs for the Red Bluff, Los Molinos, Antelope, and Corning Subbasins in response to the incomplete determinations by DWR.

Through these many efforts, DE is supporting the TCFCWCD and CSGSA in their endeavor to achieve and maintain sustainable groundwater conditions in the Red Bluff, Los Molinos, Antelope and Corning Subbasins by 2042.

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