Oakdale Irrigation District Agricultural Water Management Plan

Client: Oakdale Irrigation District

Funder: Oakdale Irrigation District

Location: Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties, California

Date: 2021

California passed the Water Conservation Act of 2009 (SBx7-7) to encourage water conservation practices across the State’s agricultural water suppliers. Among other mandates, it required suppliers serving more than 25,000 acres to develop an agricultural water management plan (AWMP). Davids Engineering first prepared an AWMP for Oakdale Irrigation District (OID) in 2011 and, and has since updated the plan in 2015 and 2021. Founded in 1909, OID is one of the oldest irrigation districts in California. The plan includes a description of the District’s regional setting and water supplies; water management activities, objectives, and opportunities; potential effects, impacts, and mitigation strategies for climate change; regional and detailed water budgets; ongoing and planned efficient water management practices; and recommendations for modernization projects, additional data collection, additional studies and planning, and partnerships to improve water management in the region.

OID’s AWMP complements other ongoing water management efforts in the District, like the Water Resources Plan (WRP) completed in 2007. The WRP analyzes the District’s water resources, infrastructure, and operations and outlines affordable methods of financing improvements to continue to meet the needs of its stakeholders and serve the region. OID has been implementing the WRP since its completion, and the AWMP allows OID to evaluate its ongoing water management practices in terms of the WRP and identify opportunities for improvement.

Davids Engineering has also provided technical assistance to OID for other related projects, completing additional studies on water use and water management and preparing and calculating water balances (including development of an IWFM Demand Calculator (IDC) model to quantify water balance inputs). Davids Engineering continues to be actively involved in advancing water management in the region.

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